"With great joy and full of hope"

A Letter to Compañeros in Colombia from Burn the Cage/Free the Birds

A Letter to Compañeros in Colombia from Burn the Cage/Free the Birds

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August 31, 2022

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El IEC received this letter from the Burn the Cage spokesperson after they read this report from Colombia.

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Compañeros y compañeras de ComRevCo,

With great joy and full of hope we read the report regarding your support and promotion of the campaign to Free Iran’s Political Prisoners at the International Poetry Festival in Medellín.

Friends and comrades, this is what we are all fighting for: A totally different world where people have come out of their small spheres and see the world as a whole, a world with internationalism coming first.

In your report you mentioned groups and political organizations that believe that the Iranian government is anti-imperialist and should be supported. Their attitude shows how short-sighted and tragic they are. We should ask them: how can you call yourselves progressive and support a regime that imprisons and murders the people of Iran, for 43 years?

Comrades, the people of Colombia are our people too, and we are your people. We have the same enemy and that is the worldwide capitalist system. The Iranian government and Colombian regime are not on our side, they and all other reactionaries are on their side. They may have contradictions with each other, but we cannot throw ourselves into their arms, we cannot be so gullible. We don't need them, but we need each other!

The Emergency Campaign to free political prisoners in Iran takes up internationalism and relies on people of the world, not the governments of the world. Your actions are an internationalist model for us and the world and each time we hear from you it is more inspirational than previous actions.

With the hopes of going beyond the world of oppression, exploitation, prison and prisoners!

Warmest hug!

Kave Milani, spokesman for Burn the Cage/Free the Birds, Europe

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