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PDFs and Docs to Download

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Flyer: Surge in Executions May 2023 - We must act now!

Open Letter: Don't let Iran's theocrats take fearless rapper Toomaj Salehi from us! pdf to print
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Posters: Stop the Executions
- Behrad Alikonari (Ali Kenari)
- Saman Yasin (Seydi)
- Toomaj Salehi

Download IEC materials for Free Toomaj:

- 2-sided pdf, 4" x 6"

- 2-sided pdf, 4" x 6", printer crops & bleed

- Front of palmcard, png image

- Flyer in French

For other sizes and formats, email IEC.

Poster for Mahsa Amini 13x19 as seen outside UN

Farsi statement from Burn The Cage Sept 2022: Political Prisoners Must be Freed!

Poster of Emergency Appeal as published in NY Review of Books 2021

Statement by Satar Rahmani for Mehran Raoof

Narges Mohammadi: Don't Let this Fearless Resister be Silenced

Download Emergency Appeal to distribute and collect signatures:

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World-renowned Argentine-Chilean-American novelist, playwright, and human rights activist Ariel Dorfman writes:
“Good-hearted people are constantly being bombarded with so many requests to sign petitions about important issues, that it is natural that they should feel overwhelmed, asking themselves what good will it do, wondering how one signature can possibly make a difference. If I have signed on to the Emergency Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran, it is because I know that this initiative will effectively call attention to the situation of men and women in that country who, if enough pressure is brought to bear on its leaders, could tomorrow be liberated from terrible conditions and extraordinary injustice. And even if those leaders do not listen, I am convinced – from personal experience – that the prisoners themselves are given strength to survive and persevere, they are listening. They know others, faraway, care what happens to them, and we should not let them down.”

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Link to Farsi translation of the statement by Satar Rahmani, spokesperson for Mehran Raoof:

From a supporter: Share this image for Twitter storm and social media with #FreeSepideh!

"Two outmodeds"
Starting clip of Emergency Appeal (1:25)
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