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For some 30 years, Narges Mohammadi has been a fierce, courageous and selfless fighter against Iran’s Islamic Republic (IRI) – a  misogynist theocracy. Over these years she’s been arrested 13 times, convicted in sham trials five times, and sentenced a total of 31 years in prison and 154 lashes (i.e., whipping). She’s now serving a 10-year sentence for “anti-state propaganda” in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison.

Yet repeated imprisonments and torture, and tremendous personal sacrifices, even a heart attack in prison, haven’t stopped her.  She’s continued to fight for Iran’s people, especially women, vigorously opposing the IRI’s medieval mandatory hijab law requiring women to cover their hair and bodies, as well as the sexual assault and harassment women face under the regime’s patriarchal rule.  She’s been organizing prison protests and workshops, issued statements and articles, even written a book, White Torture, on the solitary confinement, sensory deprivation, and other forms of torture and abuse Iran’s prisoners suffer.

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Dec 10, 2023: Narges Joins Prisoner Hunger Strike on Day of Nobel Prize Ceremony

Nov. 16, 2023: "Narges Mohammadi has been transferred to hospital for angiography [imaging of heart arteries]. Finally, the prison authorities let her leave prison to continue her medical treatments, as specialists told before, angiography is essential & urgent."

Nov. 13, 2023: Narges Mohammadi was summoned to Evin Prosecutor's office to hear her new charges. She did not wear a headscarf, and permission to leave the women's ward was not granted to her. Narges, through a phone call to her lawyer and family, stated that due to not wearing a headscarf, she was not allowed to leave the ward and is unaware of the charges against her. This is the seventh case against Narges Mohammadi related to her activities from inside the prison over the past nine months, following the "Women, Life, Freedom" movement.

Nov. 9, 2023: On Wednesday 8th nov 2023, as I proceeded among numerous security forces, every step I took was closely monitored by military and security agents. Outside the room where I was confined in the hospital, my former cellmate, Ms. Noushin Jafari, was arrested and taken to the prosecutor's office, where she remained detained for several hours.

One of the “mothers for justice” members was promptly identified and threatened with detention & arrest when entering the hospital's vicinity. Security forces claimed they had received orders from the prosecutor to apprehend anyone attempting to visit Narges

The government was afraid of me being seen without a headscarf among the male-dominated religious men. "Until the abolition of the 'forced hijab,' I will continue to walk like this on the streets, and you will tremble at the sight of us women without the 'forced hijab.'".

IEC Updates on Narges Mohammadi

Women Prisoners put Judges on Trial inside Evin Prison

Inspiring and Challenging Screening of Documentary White Torture

Nov. 17. 2023

Excerpt: With Gaza on our minds, about 40 of us recently gathered in the historic Roxie art theater of San Francisco’s Mission District. It was the first U.S. screening of the documentary White Torture... College students from the Bay Area —new people, doing new things— took initiative and organized this screening to bring Narges and Iran's political prisoners to a broader audience. They made all the arrangements, including securing funding.

Trailer for White Torture

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Uncompromising Voice of Political Prisoner Narges Mohammadi Must Not Be Silenced – Be Her Voice Now

Nov. 9, 2023

Excerpt: Yesterday, Narges Mohammadi was transported from Tehran’s Evin prison to a hospital – without a hijab which she had refused to submit to wearing, but reportedly with severe blockage in two coronary arteries.  Hours later, she was returned to Evin. She was denied critical, urgent medical care for over a week as Iran’s misogynistic mullahs denied her transfer without hijab. In her own words: “The government has put women in a dreadful and inhumane situation: ‘forced hijab or death”....


Narges Mohammadi, Courageous Iranian Freedom Fighter and Political Prisoner, Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

A Moment to Step Up the Fight to Free Narges and All Iran’s Political Prisoners – and Oppose Any U.S. Intervention or Aggression

Oct. 8, 2023

Excerpt: “I have been on the same path since 1992. For me, struggle and resistance are defined as my course in life, and this is the course I have chosen.” - Narges Mohammadi, speaking to IranWire in 2020

On Friday, October 6, Narges Mohammadi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize “for her fight against the oppression of women in Iran and her fight to promote human rights and freedom for all.”


On celebration inside Evin. Photo: NargesMohammadi IG

Winning the Nobel Peace Prize Will Shine Even More Light - Letter from 22 Fellow Prisoners of Narges Mohammadi

Oct. 8, 2023:

Excerpt: Posted by Narges Mohammadi and Golrokh Iraee; Translation to English by IEC Volunteers.

Narges Mohammadi, our fellow prisoner, friend, comrade, and sister, has won the Nobel Peace Prize.



Iranian Political Prisoner Narges Mohammadi in Extreme Danger - DON’T LET THIS FEARLESS RESISTER BE SILENCED

Apr. 17, 2022

Iranian Human Rights Activist Narges Mohammadi Again Jailed – Facing 30 Months, 80 Lashes

Nov. 21, 2021

Narges Mohammadi Calls Attention to Medical Crisis of Nahid Taghavi

June 2023

Photo: @narges_mohamadi_51

Tear off the noose from around the neck of our youth and tear down the high gallows of death: Rise up! There is no other way!

Dec. 2022

Send a Letter of Support to Narges Mohammadi

PEN America provides a form through which you can send a letter to Narges, its PEN/Barbey Freedom to Write honoree.

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Narges Mohammadi's Call for Cease Fire

Nov. 1, 2023

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White Torture

Documentary film review: "Nobel laureate Narges Mohammadi: Documenting Iran's torture", DW

Book review: "White Torture, solitary savagery", The Guardian

Video: Be the voice of Narges Mohammadi

Jan. 31, 2022, Reza Akvanian

IG Video: Narges on how authorities use endless delays of medical care and physical and psychological pressures to kill prisoners