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A group of women political prisoners in Evin Prison published a letter calling to rise up in the streets against death sentences and executions, and announcing their sit-in at the office of the women's ward guard in Evin. This translation is by IEC volunteers. For full text in Farsi, see Narges Mohammadi's post or HRA-news.

Execution Must Stop!

We, the freedom-loving and egalitarian people of Iran, have joined forces in recent months to overthrow the dictatorial regime of the Islamic Republic, and we have risen up in our cities and villages, our streets and homes, at home and abroad.

The government's brutal and widespread crackdown across the country has caused the spread of powerful street protests in recent days, and instead of retreating from street killings and repression, the government has pushed ahead and begun executions to spread fear. The execution of those who stood shoulder to shoulder in the streets. The execution of Mohsen Shekari as a street protester was a flagrant crime that stunned the world.

In keeping with the covenant in our hearts, in keeping with warm hands held together, in keeping with the cry rising from our chests, the pledge to not abandon them in our throats, let us not give up, let us rise up to save the lives of those in prison and stop the cycle of state murder. To tear off the noose from around the necks of our youth and to tear down the high gallows of death, rise up.

There is no other way! This time, let’s occupy the streets of the city with the cry of "Stop the executions" and continue the strikes with greater power and inclusiveness.

We are with you, although in prison, we have declared our solidarity with the street, from which we have been removed due to captivity. We will sit down on December 12 to express our opposition to the executions in the office of the guard officer of the Women's Ward of Evin Prison, singing the anthem and chanting slogans.



Asal Mohammady

Narges Mohammadi

Golrokh Iraei

Saba Kordafshari

Fariba Asadi

Zahra Safaee

Marzie Farsi

Parastoo Moeinee

Sepideh Gholian

Pooran Nazemi

Bahareh Hedayat

Zohreh Sarv

Golareh Abbasi

Nasrin Javadi

Farangin Mazloom

Zohre Davari

Elnaz Eslami

Zohreh Zeyvari