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Photo: Golrokh Iraee and Narges Mohammadi I

Letter from 22 fellow women political prisoners of Narges Mohammadi in Evin Prison, Tehran, Iran -- October 7, 2023

Posted by Narges Mohammadi and Golrokh Iraee; Translation to English by IEC Volunteers

Narges Mohammadi, our fellow prisoner, friend, comrade, and sister, has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

On hearing this news, we the sisters of Narges, who have witnessed her years of dedicated struggle and perseverance on the path of freedom and equality, are filled with pride and overflowing joy!  

Congratulations to Narges, her family, Ali and Kiana — and congratulations to all of us!  While no single award can encompass the full political and social impact of Narges -- nor that of any other fighter for the path of freedom and equality —this Nobel Peace Prize acknowledges Narges’ years of activism to advance the cause of freedom and equality, broadcasting the voices of the Iranian people to the world and shining a light on their struggles for justice and human rights.

Narges, who has selflessly put every effort into exposing the systematic violation of human rights in Iran, now shoulders a very heavy responsibility —  a responsibility to not only defend human rights today, but to advance the path of change in Iranian society that can bring that about.

Throughout history, the shining color of prizes and medals has come from being awarded to activists and fighters against oppression and discrimination. Today, on the first year anniversary of Jina (Mahsa Amini) movement, we take pride in our sister and fellow fighter, Narges, who infuses the Nobel Peace Prize with color. The red of the blood that has been spilled in the struggle for justice, and the pain of grieving mothers is etched into the medal for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize.

Long Live Solidarity for Freedom and Equality!


Nahid Taghavi
Sepideh Qolian
Golrokh Iraee
Sepideh Kashani
Zahra Tohidi
Hoda Tohidi
Faezeh Hashemi
Bahareh Hedayat
Mahvash Sabet
Fariba Kamalabadi
Zohreh Sarv
Shakila Monfared
Mahboubeh Rezael
Niloufar Hamedi
Nasrin Javadi
Anisha Asadollahi
Niloufar Bayani
Elaheh Mohammadi
Sepideh Keshavarz
Maryam Hajihosseini
Sarvenaz Ahmadi
Mahvash Edalati

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