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Graphic: Narges Mohamadi Media

On September 16, the first anniversary of the murder of Jina Mahsa Amini and the start of the Woman-Life-Freedom uprising, four women political prisoners in Evin Prison burned their head scarves in the Women’s Ward courtyard where a number of them have been on a sit-down strike since September 15, at great personal risk. Below is their statement, posted on the Instagram account of prominent political prisoner Narges Mohammadi, followed by a listing of other prisoner actions.

One year has passed since the tragic death of Iran’s daughter, Mahsa Amini (Jina), at the hands of the agents of the Islamic Republic government.
The bitterness of the unjust killings and executions of our innocent daughters and sons in our streets and prisons, the blinding of protesters, detention, torture, and imprisonment of the rising generation has wounded our souls and bodies.
However, it has ignited a flame of hope and motivation for the continuation of our struggle until victory. We, the women political prisoners of Evin, stand alongside all freedom seekers and equality advocates around the world, supporting the people of Iran and protesting the violent, repressive and ruthless policies of the dictatorial religious government.
Starting from September 15, we will be taking refuge in the courtyard of the women's ward in Evin Prison raising our voices alongside the people of Iran.
We call upon the people of Iran and the world to be the voice of protesters and dissenters and support us.


Some of the other significant actions by prisoners in Iran to mark this day:

  • According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network, female prisoners in Varamin protested on the occasion of the anniversary of the government murder of Zina Mahsa Amini. According to an informed source, the forces of the special prison unit entered the protestors' cell to suppress these protests and severely beat the prisoners and shot a number of protesters.
  • At least 20 women prisoners were reportedly injured after a fire broke out in the Qarchak prison for women, and security forces were rushed in to quell a protest, firing pellets and beating the women, according to Center for Human Rights in Iran.
  • Male prisoners of conscience announced their hunger strike “to show solidarity with all non-violent activists for an independent, free, and developed Iran without any discrimination.” The prominent activists include Mohammad Najafi, Mostafa Tajzadeh, Saeid Madani, and Mehdi Mahmoudian. Also, imprisoned Sharif University students Ali Younesi and Amirhossein Moradi went on hunger strike on Sept 13 until the uprising’s anniversary.

Signed (left-right from top row) Azadeh Abedini, Golrokh Iraee,
Mahboubeh Rezaei, Narges Mohammadi, Sepideh Gholian,
Shakila Monfared, Vida Rabbani.

Graphic: Narges Mohamadi Media