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Toomaj Salehi has been confined and tortured in Iran's hellhole prisons for two months, indicted on a capital charge of "Corruption on Earth", without visitation or representation. On December 29, Amir Raesian, lawyer selected by Toomaj Salehi's family, announced on Twitter that he and another selected lawyer, Ms Roza Etemad Ansari, were finally allowed access to case files and are to be allowed to visit Toomaj (as yet undetermined when). Tens of thousands of Iranians and other followers of Toomaj are anxiously awaiting news of his health conditions, daily sharing #HowHealthyIsToomajReally.

Small as this judicial concession may appear, it shows that the Islamic regime can be vulnerable to internal and external pressure. To force them to provide some measure of transparency in the upcoming judicial process, and to actually win Toomaj's freedom, people must step up the campaign to get his name into new spheres and audiences. Spread the Open Letter "Don't Let Iran's Theocrats Take Fearless Rapper Toomaj Salehi from us" and our "Free Toomaj" Video and Resources page.