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"Free Toomaj Salehi" must be heard worldwide! Get the word out to celebrities, rap artists and fans, people with a platform ... and millions of others. Find English-language resources on this page to share on social media or with colleagues. Email art, graphics and links to to share and post.

Recent updates from IEC

April 12: "Toomaj is severely injured and needs care outside of prison": Toomaj's uncle

April 10: Global Grassroots Groundswell Urgently Needed: Free Rebel Rapper Toomaj Salehi!

Videos with English Subtitles

@ToomajSalehi (YouTube) provides a wide variety of music videos, audio files, interviews and conversations. In order to make English-speaking audiences aware of this brilliant lyricist and fierce rebel already widely loved in Iran, IEC is featuring here our playlist "Free Toomaj Salehi, videos subtitled" with short descriptions; some are posted on @ToomajSalehi, some on other channels, and some are special to IEC. We've embedded only the first few of our playlist to reduce page load; click on links to the others.

This is Toomaj Salehi - short introduction to the Iranian rebel rapper, Dec 2022. Created by @ToomajInternationalPage, shared with permission


Song by @ToomajSalehi and @justinaofficial7114 July 11, 2022; Video Dec 2022 by @ToomajInternationalPage Instagram, translation of lyrics to English by volunteers with International Emergency Campaign to Free Iran's Political Prisoners Now


Fal, Oct 24 2022. Toomaj acts the part of a fortune teller who reads the future of the Islamic Republic. Spoiler alert: it doesn't look good for them.


Posted in Farsi July 2021, this is the biting criticism of apologists for the regime which is said to be the "reason" for Toomaj's arrest in Sept 2021.


"Unite", August 15, 2021, is a moving call "Unite Oh Afghanistan, Unite Oh Iran, Unite brave people".


July 2022, Powerful collaboration between Toomaj and Justina


"Noose", Sept 2021, Toomaj with Belikab released this fearless, unrepentant video just as Toomaj was called to court on charges of propaganda for his music.



June 2021, Toomaj bitingly compares what is "normal" for the rich and connected with the suffering which is normal for poor and working people of Iran.



August 2021, here Toomaj rails against the regime's selling out Iran's interests to China and Russia.



Posted shortly before his arrest in October 2022, this video stands powerfully and fearlessly with the people rising up in Iran, with footage from the streets.


"You haven't seen"

Feb 2022: "You can't hear the drums of poverty at the Supreme Commander's house", Toomaj also speaks of the repression of poets, prisoners, and women.


Visit playlist for more subtitled videos.

2-sided Palm card to download

Download and distribute: Open Letter "Don't let Iran's theocrats take fearless rapper Toomaj Salehi from us!"

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Toomaj Salehi - Toomaj's official channel, run by an appointed admin

Free Toomaj Now - ICFTS (International Campaign to Free Toomaj Salehi)

Toomaj fan page

Toomaj International Page- English page with subtitled interviews, original videos

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Toomaj Salehi - Official Twitter, run by appointed admin

Free Toomaj Salehi Campaign

Amir Raesian - lawyer selected by Toomaj's family

Websites - website created by Associazione Donna Vita Libertá with international support videos - website created by Toomaj's family and supported by Eghbal Eghbali, his uncle. Press kit, latest news, actions