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Burn The Cage reposted the following statement from the Mothers of Laleh Park1 on May 9, 2023, with the introduction shown.

Execution is a deliberate murder by the State!

Let's all stand up against it!

We, the mothers of Iran’s Laleh Park, as a voice of the Iranian people's justice movement, consider execution to be an intentional murder by the state and a criminal act by the Islamic Republic of Iran. We strongly condemn these crimes and ask all freedom loving people to rise up and take urgent action for abolition of the death penalty, and for saving the lives of freedom fighters on the streets and in prisons. We are together and alongside with the "Woman, Life, Freedom" uprising, demanding freedom and liberation from dictatorship and elimination of any discrimination and injustice. We have been continuously shouting the following demands for years and we ask all the justice advocates to accompany us in reaching the following demands:

1) Unconditional release of all political and ideological prisoners,

2) Abolition of lashing and death penalty, i.e., executions, assassinations, murdering on the street, whipping, torturing, stoning and retribution,

3) Sentencing and punishment of all officials of Islamic Republic of Iran who have ordered and perpetrated all the crimes, to be tried in open-to-public fair people’s courts (for punishment, excluding the death penalty),

4) Honoring unconditional freedom of speech, freedom of ideology, freedom of writing,

5) Unconditional freedom of clothing and control over body,

6) Freedom to protest, to strike, to assemble, to organize, to have independent organizations and parties,

7) Honoring civil rights and abolishing every kind of discrimination and

8) separation of religion and state.

We deeply believe that the totally corrupt, authoritative and theocratic structure of the reactionary and undemocratic Islamic regime in Iran must be crushed, in order to create a new foundation.

Mothers of Laleh Park!

May 8, 2023

1 Mothers of protestors killed by Islamic Republic during 2009 Green Movement

From Burn the Cage:

In recent days, the execution of death sentences has been increased sharply. In the past week alone, more than 50 (political and common) prisoners were executed in prisons all over Iran; and without a doubt, the reason for these executions is to create terror among protesters who want to end dictatorship, oppression, exploitation, discrimination and inequality, and who refuse to return back to the past.

The government is quite scared, because there is not a day when we don't witness protests by workers, teachers, women, students, families of plaintiffs and other protesting people. In the past month alone, a large number of workers at oil, gas and petrochemical companies, as well as teachers and retirees, have gone on strike. They have been continuously on the streets. Also, women don't submit to the compulsory hijab imposed by the government, and they courageously and proudly stand in public venues against oppression, discrimination and dictatorship.

Every day, the government is forced to find a new way to prevent the rebellion, and fails again due to people's resistance. The brave freedom fighting people of Iran have found out about their strength throughout years and realized how much their solidarity breaks the authority of this savage and corrupt government. After the "Woman, Life, Freedom" uprising, the self-confidence of brave and egalitarian men and women have increased, and every day we witness the suggestion on new ideas about people's cooperation and unity with each other.

On Tuesday May 9, 2023, the Coordinating Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association commemorates the May 9, 2010, anniversary of execution of Kurdish teacher Farzad Kamangar [1975-2010]2. They fight for their demands, protest against the deplorable state of education system, the systematic suppression of elementary students, teachers and parents who support the teachers’ protests, and demand release of teachers and all political prisoners. They've released a joint nationwide communiqué supported by many organizations of teachers, retirees, workers, students and women.

Under such condition, the government, as done in the past, uses every means to silence, and send home the protesters who have stood up against the government.

Read the full statement from Mothers of Laleh Park at column to right.

2 Kurdish Teacher, Farzad Kamangar, executed in Evin Prison by hanging