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October 1, 2022

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We received this statement from Burn The Cage/Free The Birds movement in Europe.  IEC volunteers take responsibility for the translation from Farsi into English.

See also Oct. 2 Burn the Cage call to support Evin Prison sit-down strike.

All Political Prisoners Must Be Freed Immediately!

Greetings to all who love freedom worldwide!

To the rebel protesters in the streets:

The fiery cry of your heroic rebellion has shaken this rotten system [Islamic Republic] to the core and has warmed the hearts of millions around the world!  Your sisters and brothers in all corners of the world are exhilarated and inspired by your bravery and dedication, and you have been a breath of fresh air in a world full of war, poverty, death, tyranny, and environmental destruction.

Yes, we -- the people of the world -- truly have no borders!

Our friends in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Colombia, the United States, Spain, Chile and many other countries in the world have risen also in support of you rising up and raising the banner: “No!”  “I am a human being!” They have responded with support, "Your pain is my pain."   This is striking fear into the hearts of their ruling tyrants.  Also, many of the world's intellectuals and artists have joined this glorious wave inspired by you and are supporting your cause.

Without a doubt you bring hope to the many people who are desperate in Iran, the Middle East and the whole world.  You have given a fresh blood to the tired bodies and minds of the Iranian masses.  You have given us a new hope and have shown that we don’t need to choose between bad and worse.  There is a path of life, a way forward: to rise up against reactionary tyrants and oppressors.

Now is the time to free the political prisoners from the dungeons of the Islamic Republic!

The regime’s security forces are arresting more and more of innocent people.  Prisoners’ families and lawyers are reporting horrendous and dangerous conditions inside the regime’s prisons.  According to some reports, more than 3,000 people have been transferred to Evin and Fashafuyeh prisons.  [Fashafuyeh = Greater Tehran Prison – ed.]   Prisoners are under constant interrogation and most of the women prisoners have been transferred to Qarchak prison.  One of the prisoners, Yalda Moayeri, said in an audio file, "Our lives are constantly in danger. More than 100 people have been jammed into a gymnasium, without ventilation or air conditioning.  There are no proper bathrooms or showers and [the guards – ed.] constantly give people sedatives."

In a brief phone call from Qarchak prison, Maryam Karim Beigi told her mother that “we are held in very inhumane spaces, and constantly dehumanized and threatened” and  “another Kahrizak may happen here.” [Kahrizak prison was infamous for torture and murder of protesters arrested in the 2009 “green movement” protests. – ed.]

Be Warned!

People in the streets, and workers, students, teachers, university students, professors, artists and athletes:

Raise your voices to demand the immediate release of political prisoners.  Do not leave the families of political prisoners stranded and alone. Go together with the prisoners’ families to the prison gates and make an uproar so that the regime's hands will be tied against further crimes.

People who are affluent:

Please lighten the load of political prisoners by raising funds for their families travel expenses from distant cities to visit them.

People outside Iran, you who have become the Iranian people’s voice to the world:  

Demand the ”immediate release of political prisoners”  in a storm of social media; celebrities and human rights activists, make this the main point in your interviews with international media. Use any tool that you can to help the families of political prisoners and the families of the victims of the Islamic Republic.

Families of the prisoners:

Send the message to our sisters and brothers inside the prisons, “You are not alone, we are with you!”  There are now millions of people in this country and other countries of the world that support you and your cause.

It has been over 350 hours since the Islamic republic murdered our dear Mahsa.  It is time to free all the political prisoners!

Make the immediate release of political prisoners a worldwide demand!
Down with Islamic Republic of Iran!

~Burn the Cage / Free the Birds Campaign
October 1, 2022

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