"Greetings to You Heroes": Received from the Burn The Cage / Free the Birds Campaign in Europe

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September 23, 2022

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(IEC volunteers take responsibility for the translation into English from Farsi post.)

Political Prisoners Must be Released Immediately!

Greetings to you heroes: You who did not give in to humiliation.  

You who, after 43 years of terror, murder, violence and propaganda every day, bravely raised your head face to face with these corrupters of our heroic history and cry out:


“I am a human being, not a slave to, you reactionary criminals!”  And shouting with fury, you set fire to your compulsory hijab, to destroy the chains of slavery.

Look at what this criminal system has done to the lives of billions of people. America, by their own claim,  “the most civilized country in the world,” has taken away the right of women to control their own lives, and has spread the reactionary view that women are merely baby-hatching machines. There is the same dark wave in Poland, Hungary and many countries of the world. The sex industry and the buying and selling of women's bodies are among the most profitable industries created by these criminal people.  

At this time, in these terrible global conditions, you rebels, you heroes of our age and you of the 1980s [18-25 year olds - ed], came out by the thousands and thousands and with your defiant attitude , with your clenched fists, you rekindled the hope of liberation in the hearts of millions of people in the world. We salute you: the eyes of all the women and all the oppressed of the world are on you. You are the initiators of a new wave in this filthy order.  Be resolute, the world is yours.  

Forward!  It is time to burn the cages and free our birds!

Sepideh Gholian, Bahareh Soleimani, Shadi Gilaks and the hundreds of other imprisoned trailblazers should be with us in the streets.

Dear friends, we must free Now these captives! Their place is not in the prison cell, it is in the streets. Athletes, artists, honorable lawyers, with the help of masses of people in the streets, let’s break down the prison doors and burn the cages that are symbols of captivity and terror.

Burn the Cage and Free the Birds Campaign
October, 2022

Video Sept 21, 2022: Nowhar, Iran. Youth stomp hated Police Vehicles, and set others on fire.

Sept 21., 2022: Two women, standing on burning police cars, shouting: “We don’t want the Islamic Republic."

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