Ex Political Prisoner Somayeh Kargar to Speak in Germany Tour Aug 11-20

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August 9, 2023

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We received the following information from OSYAN. (Osyan means "rebellion“ in the Farsi language). Osyan/Revolt is a group of Iranian and Afghan women who are the voice of women’s rebellion to express the determination, and to serve the struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Taliban.

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“The War of Alternatives” Tour, Osyan

"The Woman, Life, Freedom uprising brought about changes in various fields, such as the need to discuss the future and alternatives more prominently than ever.  In response to this vital need, we - a group of young people who are concerned about Iran's issues- invite various groups, parties and organizations to formulate their positions and introduce their plans regarding the future and the society they want to build in a scientific manner and argument-oriented context.  We hope that this discussion and debate between different political agendas will be a basis for clarifying the path of the revolution in Iran.  We request you to introduce representatives (preferably from the young generation) in the following cities for the specified dates.  The meeting questions bulletin will be sent to you after receiving the email of the representative's introduction."

Somayeh Kargar speaking at Stop the Executions rally in Berlin, June 24 2023, holding a photo of prisoner Nahid Taghavi.

Former political prisoner Somayeh Kargar will be a speaker at these events. Somayeh Kargar is a women's activist from Kurdistan who was arrested in October 2020. She was charged with establishing and running the Osyan Women's Collective and acting for the Communist Party of Iran (MLM).  Her co-defendants included Nahid Taghavi, Mehran Raouf, and Bahareh Soleimani. She was in solitary confinement in Evin Prison for months and then transferred to Qarchak Prison. Her lawyers' vigorous defense of her, and proof that she could not physically tolerate imprisonment due to acute illness, led to her release and her case being closed.

Read the speech Ms. Kargar gave at the Festival Soleil d'Iran in Paris on July 29, 2023, translated and edited for publication by IEC volunteers.

Cities and dates

Specific information we have for some cities is in bold below.

11 Aug - Berlin (Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 12)

14 Aug - Leipzig (Georg-Schwarz-Strasse 1 Leipzig / 18-22)

16 Aug - Frankfurt (Asta Goethe Universität Mertonstr. 26-28 RAUM:K2 70325 Frankfurt A.M. / 18-22)

17 Aug - Köln (Turmstrasse 5 50733 Köln / 18-22)

18 Aug - Bremen (Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus Schild Str.12-19/3E 28203 Bremen / 18-22)

20 Aug – Hamburg (Café Im Wohnprojekt Chemnitzstr. 3-7 Hamburg / 18-22)

Contact: ba.hamad.vje@gmail.com

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