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This letter from the uncle of Toomaj Salehi, beloved and fierce rebel rapper in Iran, is circulating widely in Persian social media. The translation is by IEC volunteers. #FreeToomaj

Toomaj, voice of Iranian people, their future and voice of the revolution of “Women, Life Freedom”

At 4:30 am (Iran's time) Toomaj reported some suspicious activities at where he is staying. His connection was immediately disconnected right after this report.

His neighbors informed us that Toomaj along with some of his friends, were arrested. After a few hours his photoshopped image was published in IRGC media.

He was arrested in Gardeh bisheh Bakhtiari while the IRGC media wrote that he was arrested in the West of Iran.

Toomaj and his friends are voices of masses of people and expression of their cry for justice from young  and old of oppressed people whose cry for revolution and a better world have been heard across the world.

We, the relatives of Toomaj Salehi are asking all Iranians, inside and outside of the country, to be his and his friends’ voice for justice as he was your voice.

We invite you to join in street actions in front of prisons and places of medieval torture chambers of Islamic regime demanding:

- We must impose the Immediate release of Toomaj and all political prisoners.

I declare that the Islamic government must chose:

1 -The Government must release all political prisoners of Iran and surround to the will of the people, in a none-violent manner and dissolve itself.

2 – Facing millions of citizens in the street actions and violent rebellion to overthrow the state.

There is no third option.

We declare that Islamic government has imposed this violent uprising and we are ready to pay with our life for the freedom of our citizens, society and our country and for this glorious revolution of “Women, Life, Freedom”

Eghbal Eghbali


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