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Mohammad Hashemi, cousin of Majid Kazemi, one of the three sentenced to be executed in the “Isfahan House” case, published this tweet, translated to English by an IEC volunteer.

"Saleh, Majid and Saeed contacted their relatives and told them that "We are still alive” and we owe it to the people, for one more day, these uninterrupted breaths.

"You people, who had nothing but your dignity and your very life, put it all on the line to save the lives of the 'children of Iran'.

"You with thousands of your own pains, still sympathized with us. You, where poverty and privation may pull the rug out from under you at any moment, you have become our safest place to lean on. You honorable people, you who have turned a blind eye to your own suffering to reduce the suffering of our loved ones.

"You who, when the whole world and all the human rights organizations closed their eyes to our plea, with a few simple phones in your possession, did what they did not do with millions of dollars of budgets.

"We do not know when they are going to take the lives of Children of Iran, but we are going to be indebted for eternity to you who under the shadow of the Government of Death, did not hold anything back to safeguard our lives."