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Three reports from inside Iranian prisons

1. Reported from Gezel Hesar prison: “A numbers of prisoners of the 2nd ward of Gezel Hesar prison in Karaj started their hunger strike since Sunday, after hearing the news of the executions of Saeed Yaghobi, Majid Kazemi and Saleh Mir Hashemi, opposing the rise of numbers of executions in Iran. This is heroic act, while in captivity by Islamist criminals, waging war against them.” – IG post by @aworldwithoutborder May 23, 2023

2. The political women of Evin Prison held a ceremony on Saturday at 6 pm in the courtyard of the women's prison to protest the recent executions, including the execution of two people in Arak prison on the charge of blasphemy and the three recently executed in Isfahan. In this ceremony, a number of attendees presented their views. – report from @golrokh.iraee, May 22 2023  (summarized by Burn The Cage).

Clockwise from top right: Bahareh Hedayat, Sepideh Gholian, Faezeh Hashemi, Vida Rabbani, Narges Mohammadi, Golrokh Iraee

Golrokh Iraee: "It is no longer acceptable to just say in words that we condemn the Islamic Republic and call for an end to executions.... From day one, [the IRI's ] reactionary foundation, was based on killing its opponents. The only way to save the lives of dozens of people who will be hanged with the call to prayer of tomorrow mornings and in the coming days is to take to the streets.... Not [protesting] from our cars or from our house's balconies in the dark of night, not with hashtags or by issuing statements …

"Our silence and sitting back and moaning and condemning ourselves and wrapping ourselves in sorrow and condemning in secret, is actually participating in erecting the gallows, giving consent to those who shamelessly issue the criminal [execution] orders and to those who carry them out.

"The only way forward is to overthrow the foundation of tyranny, and the path of revolution is accessible only from down in the streets."

3. Six political prisoners in the men’s ward of Evin Prison issued a statement, which includes:

“Contrary to the government's always incorrect calculations, the terror resulting from the execution will not prevent people from trying and fighting to rule over their own destiny."

Mostafa Tajzadeh, Amirsalar Davodi, Hossein Razak, Reza Shahabi, Saeed Madani, Kivan Mehtadi

Sunday, May 21, 2023