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The 24th week of the Prisoners' Food Strike #Tuesdays_No_To_Execution in opposition to the death sentences, especially the shameless and disgraceful death sentence for #Sharifeh_Mohammadi.

Part of their statement reads (translation by IEC volunteers):

Examining the behavior of the regime's repressive apparatuses in the past years has shown that, whenever a magnificent display of the opposition by the majority of the Iranian people against the despotic minority ruling the country emerges, the government's repression machine becomes more active and aims to instill fear and intimidation in the people to prevent uprisings and political and social protests against tyranny, and for this, the tool of execution has benefited them the most.

We, the prisoners of the "Tuesdays no to execution" strike in Evin prison (women's prison, 4, 6, 8), Ghezel Hasar (units 3 and 4), Khorramabad, Central Karaj, Tabriz, Khavi, Naqdeh, Saqqez and Mashhad, tomorrow, Tuesday, July 9, for the twenty fourth week in opposition to death sentences, especially the shameless and disgraceful death sentence for #Sharifeh_Mohammadi. We will go on a food strike. One of the allegations against Sharifeh Mohammadi is the distribution of leaflets declaring "no to execution"; trying to stop the execution machine is not only not a crime but should become a public demand … We too strongly condemn this cruel sentence and demand nationwide support to stop the execution machine.

We call on all human rights activists and activists who defend and oppose execution (parties, groups and political & gender movements and media owners) to pay more attention to and oppose the issue of execution in the coming weeks and months. This is a serious warning about disregarding this issue and its consequences.

We believe that the difficult path to fight execution will reach its goal with "collective and inclusive solidarity", and in this path, the most effective action can be taken by the prisoners themselves, because no one can express the depth of suffering and pain like us, or to understand the execution of the death sentence and the extent of the injustice against them and their families. Therefore, we invite all prisoners, especially political prisoners in prisons throughout the country, to join this campaign against execution.

*Prisoners’ “Tuesday No to Executions” Strike