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We want to let our readers know of this outrageous new attack on artists by the IRI.

On May 11, IranWire in English published a report on the arrests of documentary filmmakers.

On May 14, the award-winning filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof posted on Instagram a statement in defense of arrested filmmakers, signed by 57 figures in the field of film and cart.

Unofficial translation of post by IEC:

"Once again, security agencies have stormed the residences and work of several filmmakers and began confiscating their personal and work supplies, questioning and arrests. ‎

"In all these years, not only widespread censorship, but also the involvement of security agencies in the field of cinema have brought the job security of filmmakers to the lowest possible level. the involvement of security agencies in the field of culture and art, economics and other matters while remaining out of their main duties and in a deviant move, activists have been investigated and harassed for critical attitudes. such a functioning of security agencies is clearly at the expense of national security and in contravention of freedom of expression and the rights of the nation. ‎

"We call for the release of all prisoners of opinion and the scope of culture and art, including documentary filmmakers."