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The following news is a rough translation of this Farsi post from BurntThe Cage/Free the Birds.

Nahid Taghwi, a citizen of dual nationality imprisoned in Evin Prison, despite conducting an MRI test and confirmation of multiple herniated disc and hand carpal tunnel syndrome, was refused proper medical treatment and discharged to Dermaplan. Ms. Taghvi is receiving only home-based medicine despite needing specialist treatment for herniated discus. Maryam Claren, daughter of Nahid Taghvi, announced her mother's MRI test on Saturday, June 30. Based on this statement on Wednesday, July 1, the orthopedic surgeon diagnosed the carpal tunnel of the hand and multiple herniated discs. The issue is dangerously pressing on her vascular and nerve roots, he says. This dual-national citizen received only pain relief in transferring to Evin Prison on Monday, July 2, and again on Wednesday, July 2, she was treated with cortizone for carpal tunnel syndrome and her left hand was cast. #قفس_را_بسوزان_رها_کن_پرندگان_را Torture_prison_suppression #جمهوری_