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Mothers whose children were murdered by Iranian security forces during powerful Woman-Life-Freedom uprisings in the city of Sanandaj, Kurdistan province, in the fall of 2022 call for an end to executions.

This video, translated to English by an IEC volunteer, says:

In the name of Zen Zian Azadi

We the mothers of the Sanandaj Revolution declare our full support for Saeed Yaqoubi’s mother. We consider the execution sentence  against  Saeed Yaqoubi, Saleh Mirhashemi, and Majid Kazemi as unjust and against humanity. We ask all mothers of the victims of Zen Zian Azadi and all freedom loving people to break your silence and raise your voices against this injustice.

No To Execution

(All the mothers chant:)

No To execution, no to execution!