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Translation to English by IEC volunteers:

Iran International:
We are joining with Mariam Claren, daughter of Nahid Taghavi, dual citizen prisoner in Iran, from Germany. Please let us know about the latest and what your mother is going through these days?

Greetings to you and your viewers. But before anything else, I would like to send my greetings to the courageous fighting people of Iran and declare my solidarity with them. As you just mentioned, my mom was on a medical furlough since July, for spinal injuries, and while she was getting medical care and treatments for her injury, we received the news that she had to go back to Evin Prison, despite the opinion of many specialist doctors indicating the need for her to complete her treatments.  Unfortunately, government medical and commission doctors have said that my mother should go back to prison, and this is an indication that the government medical and commissioned doctors pay no attention to the wellbeing of the patient. This was nothing but a political decision under the control of the authorities.  

..... [I]n the last two months 14,000 people have been arrested, and they are not all dual citizens, and it is very important that we must become the voice of all political prisoners and create public awareness and  pressure that could force governments and different entities to respond to that.