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Statement from 9 imprisoned leftist women from Evin Prison, posted in Farsi by @golrokh.iraee & @free.nahid on July 2, 2024.

We, the left-wing women imprisoned in Evin Prison, of course did not participate in the presidential elections and will not do so.


- Such elections are a desperate attempt to save a failed regime that has long since lost its legitimacy.

- The candidates in this election, as in every other period, are symbols of the disintegration of this fascist regime.

- These elections, like any other election in capitalist systems, mean that people are only granted the "right to vote" when they are allowed to "choose" one of the oppressors to continue the established reactionary system for a few more years.

- We believe that liberation cannot be achieved through ballot boxes, but only through our own hands and through the conscious struggle against every form of oppression.

Anisha Asadollahi

Reyhaneh Ansari-Nejad

Hasti Amiri

Golrokh Iraee

Nahid Taghavi

Nahid Khodajo

Nasrin Javadi

Farah Nassaji

Maryam Yahavi