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Breaking: As on July 11 morning, the number of Evin prisoners on hunger strike for Sharifeh Mohammadi is 85.

On July 9, 16 women political prisoners in Evin published a letter denouncing the death sentence of labor rights activist Sharifa Mohammadi which was announced one day before the runoff presidential election, punctuating the farcical nature of the "reformist" vs "extremist" race. See the slides for images of these women, who are daring to give leadership under dire conditions in both analysis and action. We need these prisoners to be free, out on the streets among our struggles and taking part in the debate over how to overcome this oppression and get to a better world.

Later on July 9, 55 Evin prisoners announced that they would go on hunger strike for Sharifa Mohammadi on July 11. Read on for our translation of the full text of these statements.

Letter from 16 Female Political Prisoners in Evin Prison July 9

Sharifeh Mohammadi, a labor activist, has been sentenced to death on unjust and baseless charges, after enduring seven months of torture and interrogation in various cities’ detention centers.
This is not only a death sentence for Sharifeh but a death sentence for all “us” labor, political, civil, human rights, and women’s rights activists.
We see this sentence as a potential danger and a precursor to issuing more severe sentences in the future.
What is most apparent in this death sentence is a policy of repression intended to silence the voices of protest and the demands that had reached a significant level with the revolutionary uprising of 2022, and to intimidate and force back women who have stepped forward with a louder voice than before to demand their “rights.”
We stand with Sharifeh and all those threatened with execution and demand an end to the death penalty.


Sarvenaz Ahmadi, Anisha Assadollahi, Hasti Amiri, Reyhaneh Ansari-Nejad, Golrokh Iraee, Sakineh Parvaneh, Nahid Taghavi, Nahid Khodajo, Nasrin Kohdari- Jovadi, Vida Rabani, Mahboubeh Rezaei, Mahnaz Tarrah, Sepideh Gholian, Narges Mohammadi, Varisha Moradi, Maryam Yahyavi"

Translated by IEC volunteers from original Farsi post by Golrokh Iraee and Narges Mohammadi.

Evin Prisoners Announce Hunger Strike Against Death Sentence of Sharifeh Mohammadi

Hear the audio of women prisoners singing in support in this video calling for the hunger strike for Sharifeh Mohammadi, posted by Narges Mohammadi:

Her translation reads: "55 political prisoners from Evin Prison will go on a hunger strike on Thursday, July 11th, in protest against the 'unjust death sentence issued for Sharifeh Mohammadi’ and in support of the campaign for Sharifeh Mohammadi. 30 prisoners are from the women's ward of Evin and another 25 from men's ward 4 of Evin."

۵۵ تن از زندانیان سیاسی زندان اوین روز پنج‌شنبه ۲۱ تیرماه در اعتراض به «صدور حکم ناعادلانه اعدام #شریفه_محمدی و در پیوستن به کمپین حمایت از شریفه محمدی» اعتصاب غذا خواهند کرد. ۳۰ زندانی از زنان بند زنان اوین هستند و ۲۵ تن دیگر از مردان زندانی بند ۴ اوین.#آزادی_شریفه#FreeSharifeh