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This manuscript from the heart of Evin Prison is at times lyrical, at times polemical, as imprisoned environmentalist Niloufar Bayani brings the perspective of the global environmental emergency to Iranian prisoners. It's a serious scholarly work, not a social media post, so sit yourself down with a large coffee and you'll soon find yourself immersed.

Scholars At Risk published the work, which it introduces thus:

"Niloufar Bayani, an Iranian scholar and environmental conservationist who is falsely accused of espionage and imprisoned in Iran, has published “Climate Literacy in the Land of Oil: Interviews with female political prisoners in Evin,” a manuscript written between April 2022 and March 2023. In the piece, Ms. Bayani, surveys fellow prisoners on climate issues and explores potential reforms.

Ms. Bayani has also been teaching a course on climate change in the women’s ward of Evin prison, and the group recently issued an open letter on environmental concerns in Iran."

Download the manuscript and find out more about Niloufar Bayani's case from Scholars At Risk.