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Five women recently released from Evin Prison in Iran published a letter calling attention to the many political prisoners still unjustly held, naming their cellmates at Evin Women's Ward in particular. This letter was posted on BurnTheCage Instagram on February 17; below is an unofficial English translation by IEC volunteers.

Farsi graphic reads: “Statement from 5 female political prisoners after their release from prison: release of political prisoners is a result of the solidarity of the woman life freedom revolution and the people’s uprising against the brutal regime.” From @BurnTheCage

We, the authors of this letter, as a very small part of Iran's political prisoners who have recently been released from prison, believe that the recent wave of freedom of political prisoners is the result of the protest uprising of freedom-loving and brave people, including the women and youth fighters of Iran. An incident that is the result of solidarity in the uprising of #Zen_Zandagi_Azadi  (Woman, Life, Freedom) and popular uprising against government repression. A movement whose broad dimensions and provocative basis have attracted the attention of the whole world and inspired the struggle for justice and freedom.

Since we have been released we are awaiting the release of the other cellmate prisoners. Including Sepideh Kashani and Niluofar Bayani whose stories are heard by everyone by now, and the oppression they have gone through in the past 5 years. They are among the noblest people of this land, who during these years have paid for their love and protection of the nature of this land through prison and torture.

What is very impressive and remarkable is the composition and social base of the prisoners. The number of prisoners includes women's activists, teachers, students, workers, sociologists, university professors, lawyers, journalists, cinematographers, athletes, writers, artists, New Christian converts, dervishes, relatives, social justice activists, Baha'i community and environmental activists, etc. This social expansion shows the astonishing extent of the government's dealings with the people of Iran, as well as the resistance of the people in different classes and strata.

With the continuation of your support, the people, and the efforts and persistence of the international community, we will soon see the release of all political prisoners, men and women, and our fellow prisoners in Evin, and other prisons. Including:

#Narges_ Mohammadi, #Nahid_Taghavi, #Maryam_Hajihasani, #Fatemeh _Mosna, #Zahra_Zehtabchi, #Sapideh_Qalyan, #Mahvash_Shahriari, #Fareba_Kamalabadi, #Bahareh_Hedayt, #Faeze_Hashmi, #Golrukh_Iraei, #Thamin_Ehsani, #Akram_Nasiriyan, #Nasrin_Javadi, #Masoumeh_Nasaji. #Maliha_Nazari, #Sara_Ahmadi, #Niloufer_Bayani, #Sapideh_Kashani, #Mariam_AkbariManjalfard, #Zinab_Jalalian, #Saha_Mortazaei and...

Freedom Day is near.

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