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On Nov. 1, on his way into Evin Prison, Arash Ganji read an uplifting message to supporters. Here is a rough translation:

Dear comrades, in these last minutes of departure, I am not sure if I have fallen into tragedy or fortune/comedy: This morning I found out that it is a 1st of November, the day of the victory of Kobani (Kurdish group) and the definite defeat of ISIS. I am falling in that comedy because under shadow of the anniversary of that great victory, I am heading to prison, and tragedy because with the utmost happiness in my little heart I must start my prison sentence.

I assure you that my heart is stronger than ever, and I will start to celebrate, my celebration inside my heart, sincerely thankful of all comrades, especially comrades of the Iranian Writers Association for everything including sending me off here. The endless support of the comrades of the association during all this time and international solidarity of all writers has warmed mine and my family's hearts. And all of these keep reminding me that I am never alone. I appreciate your presence, long live the Iranian Writers Association.  And I present all the carnations of the world to you.

Watch the video in Farsi on YouTube.