Taking the demand "Free Iran's Political Prisoners" broadly in midst of upsurge in Iran

November 17, 2022

At this moment of upsurge and righteous struggle against Iran’s theocratic fascists, there is strategic importance to winning the immediate release of political prisoners.

It really does matter at this hour, whether these fighters and dreamers are locked in IRI dungeons OR out on the streets providing leadership to a raging struggle for a better future in Iran, in the region and in our world.

Knowing that people around the world are standing with them as they stand up against oppression and repression, plays a role in whether the people are able to fight through the entire process of resistance-repression-more resistance (versus being crushed), and can have an effect on the outcome of  the uprising in Iran.  

In this context, some key elements of the IEC's work for this period are:

  • Reaching out very broadly to prominent figures with a platform
  • Taking IEC Emergency Appeal flyers / Ms magazine / palm cards into the mass actions in support of Iranian struggle (see Resources to Share & Print)
  • Building support for actions among students at US high schools and universities