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October 27, 2022

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In early October, as the uprising in Iran began to rage, the Burn the Cage/Free the Birds campaign in Europe issued an urgent appeal—to globalize the struggle to free Iran’s political prisoners, in which they proclaimed: “People outside Iran, you have to become the Iranian people’s voice to the world.”

A resounding echo came from revolutionaries in Colombia—across continents, oceans and mountains! Women and men with Alborada Comunista, Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Group in Colombia, fanned out into barrios, universities, tourist and other popular areas of Bogotá, Cali, Bucaramanga, Barranquilla, Cartagena, and Medellín. For several weeks, people all over Colombia saw the faces and heard the stories of Iran’s political prisoners in beautifully painted portraits to join the fight for their freedom. Students watched and discussed the film NASRIN about the life and work of courageous defense lawyer and political prisoner Nasrin Sotoudeh. Literature tables carried tracts that ranged from flyers for the International Emergency Campaign to books on the New Communism developed by revolutionary leader Bob Avakian.

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Cartagena, 22 October: 

Discussion in the library of a poor and working class community about support for the struggles of the masses in Iran and the struggle for the freedom of political prisoners. On Oct. 23, a day of flyering and agitation in Barrio San José.

Bogotá, 22 October. March in the Chapinero [tourist] district as part of the International Day of Action in support of the struggle of the people of Iran against the theocratic Islamic Republic and for the immediate release of political prisoners.

Bogotá, 21 October: Rally in front of the Iranian embassy in Colombia. Several dozen protesters chanted slogans in support of the Iranian people, against the theocratic regime, and against imperialism and Zionism.

Cali, 18 October. Mural in front of the University Hospital of Cali: Free the political prisoners from the dungeons of the Islamic Republic now!

Bogotá, 17 October: Monday, a holiday, more than a dozen protesters walked a few kilometers through downtown chanting slogans against the Islamic Republic and imperialism, and in support of the uprising in Iran and for the freedom of political prisoners...

Barranquilla, 14-15 October. In the central, well-attended Peace Square, for two days activists for the freedom of political prisoners in Iran interacted with hundreds of people, distributing thousands of flyers condemning the Islamic regime and imperialism.

Bogotá, 14 October. A discussion with students and the creation of a mural opposing the Islamic Republic and imperialism, changed the atmosphere in the Macarena area of the District University.

Medellín, 13 October. Exhibit for the life and freedom of political prisoners in Iran. The lives of political prisoners in Iran are in danger and immediate international action is urgently needed for their release!

Bucaramanga, 9 October. On Sundays, the Industrial University of Santander opens its doors to the public. There we installed a table of revolutionary literature, we exhibited posters against the Islamic Republic of Iran and imperialism, and for the liberation of women.

Cali, 8 October. Universidad del Valle, Engineering Dept. Mural opposes the "two outmodeds": "Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran! Down with imperialism!" based on a poster by Osyan.

Cali, 6 October. Universidad del Valle. Campaign "Burn the Cage!", "Free Iran's political prisoners NOW!" Invitations to the screening and discussion of the documentary "Nasrin".

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