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November 1, 2022

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Breaking news Nov. 2, from Burn the Cage

"Toomaj has been in the torture chamber for confession, the "Police Center for Moral Security and Public Places" on Rudaki Street, Isfahan. Apparently he has now been transferred to the prison and intelligence department. The regime's officials have not yet provided any information to the family. The family is still unable to contact Toomaj."

Nov. 1: Family and friends of Toomaj are asking all Iranians and freedom-loving people all over our planet to rise up to save the life of Toomaj from the murderous Islamic regime in Iran.

At midnight on Sunday October 30th, the Islamic regime kidnapped Toomaj [a revolutionary rapper singing and mobilizing people on the crimes of the Islamic regime against the women and the people of Iran] and put him under brutal torture. We're asking everyone to take action in saving the life of Toomaj, demanding his unconditional release.

At the same time, we're asking all freedom-loving people and defenders of human rights to join the joint struggle in freeing all Iranian political prisoners, supporting the student movement, the workers movement and Iran's "Woman Life Freedom" Revolution.

We're asking all freedom-loving people to support the "Freedom for Toomaj" demonstrations and joint actions!

Let's participate in an international protest against kidnapping of Toomaj Salehi and his release from the claws of Islamic Regime's executioners!

Freedom for Toomaj!

Be the voice of Iranian political prisoners and the uprising in the Iranian society!

Join us on a worldwide demonstration on Saturday November 05, 2022 all over the world and in all European cities!

Send us the events that you're planning to have in your cities to [].

From the family and friends of Toomaj!

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