“Enough of Sleepwalking in Willful Blindness!” Song by Mina Deris

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September 9, 2023

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Mina Deris posted this beautiful song on @minaderismusic for singer/composer Mehdi Yarrahi after he was arrested by the Islamic Republic of Iran for his song Roosarito, dedicated to the brave women “in the front line of the ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ movement”.

Mina Deris and Mehdi Yarrahi are both Ahwazi Arabs whose language and culture are suppressed in Iran; their rich culture is reflected in this gorgeous music.

Her words are a sharp and urgent call, not only to Iranians, but to people all over the world.

Enough of sleepwalking in willful blindness!
Stand up with courage and determination!

Today is the day for epic deeds,
Free thinkers need to rage and roar.
To make a revolution in our land, we need revolutionaries!

Throw off the cloth of humiliation and superstition,
Let the whole world hear our voice!

Mina Deris now lives in the US; check out her current concert tour on Instagram.

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