43rd Anniversary of IRI: IEC on Radio Pooya Says "Free Iran's Political Prisoners Now!"

IEC Event

February 9, 2022

This week, as Iran’s Islamic Republic (IRI) marks the 43rd anniversary of its reactionary rule, the International Emergency Campaign to Free Iran’s Political Prisoners NOW (IEC) and others have teamed up with Radio Pooya for a special week of programming: Free Iran’s Political Prisoners NOW!

A variety of guests, coming from different perspectives and experience, but all with a deep knowledge of the situation in Iran and a passion for justice will expose the regime’s bloody history, its brutal repression, its criminal treatment of hundreds of political prisoners, and why freeing them is so urgent, not just for the people of Iran, but for humanity. The IEC’s plans for 2022, how we can actually free Iran’s political prisoners, and how people can join this Campaign will also be addressed.

Most interviews will be in Farsi, some will be in English.

This week will make an important contribution to the fight to Free Iran’s Political Prisoners—so share this news widely and stay tuned!  These interviews will be posted for listening and sharing at RadioPooya.com this website's Video & Audio Resources page, and on Twitter @IranPrisonEmerg.  (They will not be livestreamed on Radio Pooya.)


Hadi Ghaemi
(Farsi), Executive Director, Center for Human Rights in Iran, on the human rights situation in Iran, state repression, and the latest news concerning Iran’s political prisoners, including dual-nationals, Narges Mohammadi and others.
Posted here (Farsi) on Radio Pooya

Mariam Claren (Farsi), the daughter of dual-national political prisoner Nahid Taghi, on her mother’s case, the #FreeNahid campaign and the importance of family members speaking out, how she became an activist, and why its important to fight to free all political prisoners.
T: @mariam_claren
here (Farsi) on Radio Pooya

Jeff Kaufman, director, producer, writer and Marcia Ross, producer (English) will talk about their award-winning documentary film NASRIN, and the wider concerns it connects to, including their short film on the women’s rights movement in Iran.
T: @nasrinfilm #FreeNasrin

Posted here (English) on Radio Pooya

Larry Everest and Dolly Veale (English) of the IEC will discuss why fighting to free Iran’s political prisoners is crucial to the future of Iran, and the world, the IEC’s strategy for actually freeing Iran’s political prisoners, including the need to oppose both the IRI and the U.S., and the Campaign’s plans for 2022.  T: @IranPrisonEmerg, @LarryEverest
Posted here (English) on Radio Pooya

Kave Milani of the Burn the Cage/Free the Birds movement in Europe and former political prisoner Mona Roshan (Farsi), who was forced to give birth while in prison, will dig into the situation in Iran, the treatment of political prisoners, in particular women, and the struggle to free all political prisoners.T: @KaveMilani
here (Farsi) on Radio Pooya